Experts in pricing consultation and market data analysis say company’s future strong

(TWINSBURG, OH) About half of startups fail within five years. Pricing Empowered has not only bucked that trend, but continues to help companies be more competitive, successful, and ultimately more resilient in the roller coaster world of business.

“Through our personalized approach with each and every client, we’ve enabled them to reach the highest levels of price optimization,” says Adrienne Gordon, Pricing Empowered’s co-founder and CEO. “We help our clients gain incremental wealth through improved pricing practices, which includes best practices in strategy and data driven decision making.”

Among the newer services Pricing Empowered provides is web scraping. Partner Andrew Gordon says this gives their clients access to enhanced pricing intelligence, and also improves the outcomes of Pricing Empowered traditional and predictive price optimization analytics.

“This is still a fairly new offering,” says Andrew Gordon. “But besides having the expertise to do this well for our clients, Pricing Empowered gives a more personalized focus than larger firms that apply a standardized approach to pricing consulting services. Our tailored approach of marrying web-based intelligence on competitors and the market with traditional pricing analytics is unique, and therefore a real edge.”

Pricing optimization as an actual business discipline entered the mainstream in the late 1990s, when organizations like the Professional Pricing Society were just getting started. Now thousands of professionals worldwide are working to help companies optimize their asking price for services and goods through technology and improved strategies.
Pricing Empowered’s portfolio contains many nationally-recognized clients, including Fortune 500 companies.