Adrienne Gordon among earliest pricing specialists and ranking women CEOs in the industry

(CHICAGO) When a large contingency of Fortune 500 pricing practitioners gather in the Windy City next month for the Professional Pricing Society’s 27th Annual Spring Conference, they’ll hear from one of the experts who got involved in strategic pricing early in its existence.

Adrienne Gordon is CEO of Pricing Empowered, a consulting firm in Northeast Ohio co-founded with her husband and partner, Andrew Gordon.

“Pricing optimization is an essential tool for helping companies stay competitive and profitable in today’s market,” says Adrienne Gordon. “We’ve seen this movement grow from a few dozen practitioners in the late 1990s to more than 4,000 members enrolled in the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) worldwide.”

Gordon is expected to talk about emerging trends in pricing, as well as how partnerships with companies like Tableau enhance analytical data services.

“Besides offering our clients the latest in cutting edge services like web scraping, Pricing Empowered also stands out for its partnership with Tableau, a data visualization company that has helped businesses perform to quota and prevent waste or fraud. It’s partnerships like these that make us an invaluable resource for companies wanting the best business intelligence and predictive pricing analytics available.”

Gordon’s presentation – “Three Decades of Pricing Evolution” is scheduled for May 3rd.
Over 500 people are expected to attend the four-day PPS conference.