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Adrienne Gordon
AdrienneGordon 2013 Profile
Adrienne Gordon has a passion for the power of pricing. She has dedicated her career to pricing since 1999, working with multiple companies in several different pricing roles. She began her pricing career at Parker Hannifin as the project manager of their global strategic pricing initiative. During this time, Adrienne worked with multiple consulting groups and revenue optimization technology companies as she helped architect the vision for Parker’s Best in Class pricing approach. From there, Adrienne took the Director of Pricing role at American Greetings, where she executed a multi-phase value pricing research effort ultimately resulting in the redesign of their approach to pricing cards. At Eaton Corp, she worked with several different businesses on strategic projects as an internal consultant. Finally, in 2009, Adrienne became an external pricing consultant based in Northeast Ohio, working with dozens of companies in the manufacturing and distribution space. Today, she is a blogger, author, and entrepreneur.Prior to pricing, Adrienne held several roles in Technical Sales and Marketing. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Western New England College and a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Boston University.


Andrew Gordon

AndrewGordon 2013Profile
Andrew began his professional career in the music industry, where he held several roles in Management, Procurement, and Product Management for Strawberries Music. As the music industry began its decline, he moved into the Food Wholesale industry for Seder Foods, Inc. Working multiple roles in Marketing and Procurement, Andrew identified an underserved government niche market for the food industry. While growing the revenues in this market exponentially, he learned how to master the art of writing government contracts.

It is this expertise that allowed Andrew to launch his first business in 2002, Gordon Consulting LLP. While consulting in writing government contracts, Andrew also pursued his hobby of technology through post graduate computer science studies. Over the past decade, Andrew has built revenues through the import/exports of tech products, offering hardware and software services, and most recently through digital media services.

Andrew holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Bentley College, as well as several Microsoft certifications. He also manages the Treasury for 990 homes in Aurora Shores, Ohio.

Andrew is an avid marathon runner and Ironman triathlete, and is a certified personal trainer.